Study Skills

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

How can I make a revision timetable?

What is multi-sensory learning?

How long should I revise for each evening?

How can I organise my files?

How do I choose what to study?

What is the Cornell Method of note-taking?

A 2-hour session with student and parent, to discuss problems that are occurring during study.  The session is entirely bespoke and designed to give advice and ideas that will work for a student. A session will cost £150.

Alternatively, a course of 5 1-hour sessions can also be booked.  These allow a variety of ideas to be investigated: the science of learning, how to take notes, how to improve retrieval of knowledge, how to make a revision timetable. The course of sessions is priced at £450.