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Zoom...Remote Learning is the latest buzzword.

For many years now, academic institutions have been using virtual learning environments (VLEs) to assist students with their learning. Systems such as Moodle enable lectures to be recorded and rebroadcast, files to be shared and assignments to be set, marked and feedback given.

One to one tuition can now benefit from a variety of platforms that allow remote learning to be available to all. With the current worries about coronavirus, remote learning is being investigated by schools as a way of ensuring that pupils can continue their learning without being at school.

Zoom can allow a teacher to communicate with several pupils at once. Presentations can be shared and viewed as if a lesson were being given in a classroom. A whiteboard option allows teacher and pupils to interact during the lesson.

As an experienced user of Zoom, the benefits of using the platform allow rapid feedback and sharing of documents to take place. Clearly, if you are in another part of the world away from London, it allows me to work with you as well! If you suddenly need some support outside of normal tutoring times, Zoom allows you to contact a tutor quickly for additional support. Or, maybe you can agree to have additional 15 minute sessions with a tutor outside of your normal session.

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