Executive Functions

Is your child 'smart but scattered'? 


Is it a battle getting homework started?

Do they start tasks but never get them finished?

Do they struggle with changes to routine?

Are they struggling to plan  for projects or essays?

Do they get distracted easily from jobs that need doing?

Are they prone to anger if things don't go as expected?

Do they keep losing their belongings?

Problems such as those described above are signs that a child might have problems with their executive function skills.  These are twelve skills that develop from birth through to early adulthood.  Some children develop them more slowly than others, despite being intellectually highly capable.

Executive functions coaching is a tried and trusted method of helping children to develop their own strategies to improve their ability to organise themselves and cope with change.  Coaching is not a quick fix, but it makes real changes to an individual's academic and social life.

Please get in touch to discuss the possibility of coaching for your child.